What is the red dot in the middle of the blue dot for?

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If you notice a red dot within one of the blue dots, you are in luck! That red dot gives more options to the part you many be looking for. To see the options, first look for a part that has the red dot in the middle of the blue circle, activate the part by clicking on it when you hover over it (hint: when the part turns yellow, you know you are hovering over that part and you can click to select) then right click on the red dot and the options box opens. This allows you to  adjust the height of a bite plate, ask to articulate for a posterior bite plate, change the wire gauge for a bow, pick a different type of RPE screw, type of spring wire, and many more options. Just look for the red dot in the middle of the blue one. 

Keep in mind that the options for parts are based solely on the discretion of the lab.  Options for one lab may be different than options for the same part from another lab.

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