Sending us your first case is easy!

Send a Case

Send a Case

Thank you for sending your first case. Please follow the steps listed below, or contact us for further assistance.

Step 1 - Account

If you are a new customer, please print and complete the following forms:

Step 2 - Prescription

Fill out and sign a prescription form. Copies of all our prescription forms can be downloaded here and printed or saved to your computer.

Step 3 - Packaging

For Smile Express pickups, wrap models and bite separately and place each case in a plastic bag with prescription. To find out if Smile Express serves your area, please visit Pickups & Deliveries.

For Purolator and other courier pickups, wrap models separately and place each case in plastic bag with prescription. Package models and prescription form with foam in a shipping box. 

Step 4 - Shipping

International customers (except US): Send us your case prepaid via your preferred carrier, and we will pay the cost of the return postage.

Step 5 - Finished!

You’re done! We will set up your account, contact you with the details about your case and send you a welcome package that includes additional packaging materials and forms. Thank you for your business!

Please enter your myProtec valid username and password to proceed.