Can I create templates for designs used by the practice?

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One of the most powerful and time saving features of the easyrx system is the template manager, which is located as a tab on the top of the navigation. There you can create predefined designs so that when you are on the designing page you can click the template tab below the Rx canvas, click your templates of choice, and it will appear above. For example, if you have a removable retainer for the maxillary, mandible, or both you use often, you can create and name those templates whatever you would like, and the system will detect whether its an upper, lower, or both and it will be saved as such. When you click on for example “upper and lower 6x6 soldered Hawley with Adams” (which you named) your designed templates will appear on the Rx canvas. If you need to add something or take away a part from a template, just pick it from the parts library or delete the parts you don’t need. It’s that simple!

Each template that is created is saved in the practices profile.  If a lab creates a new Rx, when they go to edit, all the doctors templates will be readily available.  It makes saving doctor preference much more convenient to access. 

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